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bring authencity and trust to the brand

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How i plan to help

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  • Showcase the brand's product in an authentic and unscripted way.
  • Effectively communicate their brand messaging.
  • Collaborate with clients to ensure that their vision is realized
  • Create UGC videos that stand out

-I will do everything I can to cultivate positive relationships with my colleagues and exceed their expectations. This will allow us to collaborate more effectively on future projects.

Who's that?

I am frank, 26 years old living in montreal CA

I speak english and french. I love to enjoy life by traveling, playing sports, vlogging about my life, and doing DIY projects. Making videos is so much fun for me - it's like solving a puzzle. You have all these small clips that don't make sense, but once they're all put together, you can admire your work.

So let me help you build a beautiful puzzle.

My Rates

Let me know what on your mind and let's make it happen!


Starting at...

1 Video 150$

2 Video 275$

3 Video 400$

The content style you need





Product review


Possible to do long term partnership

for better result and be part of your brand.

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Work Flow

  1. THE MEETING: Learn from each other, see if it a good fit.
  2. CONTRACT: Discust deliverable and expectation.
  3. BRAND ALIGNMENT: Look at your social media, decide of a video idea.
  4. THE SCRIPT: writing my idea or a little preview, wait for approval.
  5. Video creation: Start recording the raw footage
  6. THE EDIT: Assemble the videos. Add voice over, music.
  7. THE FINAL:Send the edited video for final confirmation
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feel like i can be an asset to your brand?!

Let's work together

Let's get in touch !

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